3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Stock Cabinets Today!

Comment by The AQK Team on December 12, 2016

3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Stock Cabinets Today!

Stock cabinets are a great option when you’re re-doing your kitchen. They’re relatively inexpensive, there’s lots of styles and finishes to choose from, and they’re easy to replace if one is damaged.


But let’s face it, stock cabinets look like, well, stock cabinets. So if you’re looking to spruce up your new kitchen or wanting to make a new home with existing cabinets your own, we’ve got 3 tips for you (and a little freebie at the end, too!).

#1. Painting

Maybe you thought you wanted dark cabinets but a few months later you realize it makes your already-small kitchen look positively tiny. Maybe the family who lived in the house before you had an eclectic (to put it nicely) taste in interior decorating colors.

paint stock cabinets in the kitchen

Have no fear, because paint is here! If your stock cabinets are sturdy and otherwise look good, you don’t have to completely get rid of them; just paint them. In one DIY weekend, a fresh coat of paint can give you a new-looking kitchen (and custom-looking cabinets).


If you want to get fancy with it, you can add fun details like distressing or adding an accent color to your cabinets. Paint lets you breath new, custom-looking life into your stock cabinets.

#2. Lighting

A great feature of custom cabinetry is that you can install custom lighting to go along with it. Without under-cabinet lighting, your kitchen can become dark and dim, which isn’t a good look.


But even if you go with stock cabinets, you can still bring a little light into your kitchen easily enough! If you’re an advanced DIY-er you can do this yourself, but if not, we recommend calling an electrician. It should be a quick and easy job to simply install some LED under cabinet lighting. LED lighting gives you bright white lighting without generating lots of unnecessary heat. Now you can chop veggies and bake cookies in bright light!

#3. Crown Molding

Everyone knows that crown molding is classy.


Nothing says, “look at my classy custom cabinets” better than crown molding. But lucky for you, you can get the crown molding look on your stock cabinet with no problem! All you need to do is buy some of the trim from your local hardware store in the wood, color, and finish as your cabinets. Use a frame above the cabinets and then install the trim.


And a great bonus is that this trick will hide wonky ceilings, too!

(Extra!) Hardware

An extra touch you can add to make your stock cabinets look custom is changing out the hardware. Thing means the hinges and the pulls/handles. All you need is a drill and a little experience.

stock Cabinets hardware

Head back to your hardware store, pick up some pulls that match your kitchen’s design, and install them. Easy as pie!


Changing the hinges can make a big difference too. Exposed hinges are pretty cheap, so that’s what you probably have on your stock cabinets. Think about switching them out for Euro hinges or Knife hinges to add a touch of individuality to your stock cabinets.


Still Unhappy With Stock Cabinets?

Tried all of our suggestions and still don’t like your stock cabinets? Maybe you should consider custom or semi-custom cabinets. We have so many options you’re sure to find something you love. Come on in or call us to see how we can help you!

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