4 Different Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen With White Cabinets

Comment by The AQK Team on December 15, 2016

4 Different Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen With White Cabinets

No matter what your kitchen design Pinterest board looks like—classic, cottage, eclectic, or modern—white cabinets can fit them all.
Despite their versatility, not all white cabinets were meant for every kitchen type or style. Distressed off-white shaker cabinets don’t belong in a modern kitchen, and sleek minimalist cabinets have no place in a cottage kitchen. So read on to see exactly what shade and style of white cabinets perfectly suit your kitchen aesthetic.


Classic White Cabinets

Classic Colors

Classic kitchens are meant to be timeless and, well, classic! They should be appealing to all and never go out of style. Unlike traditional kitchens, classic kitchens are simple and subdued. This is why a muted color palette with white or cream cabinets perfectly suits classic tastes.

Not everything in a classic kitchen must be white, though. Tile backsplashes and countertops can showcase some color, as long as it is muted and calm. Black and white is also a popular combination for classic kitchens. You can juxtapose white cabinets against black tiling to make a statement that is still timeless.

Classic Cabinet Styles

classic white cabinets

Classic cabinets aren’t flashy or ornate. Instead, you should choose simple architectural details like crown molding or bead molding. Shaker style cabinets work well in classic kitchen designs because they’re simple and clean. In order to stay within the “classic” design style, avoid raised panel doors or flat panel doors. Those are best left in traditional and modern kitchens, respectively.

Cottage White Cabinets

Cottage Colors

Cottage style kitchens often have a muted color palette, just like classic kitchens. However, instead of staying in the realm of neutral colors, cottage kitchens can use a more whimsical color palette, as long as the shades are light and muted. Seaside cottages can use light greens and blues to reinforce nautical themes, while country cottages can employ muted pinks and yellows to appear cozy.

Rather than using a stark white cabinet in a cottage kitchen, it’s best to employ a cream or antique white color. This keeps the overall tone of the kitchen muted and homey.


Cottage Cabinet Styles

Like classic kitchens, cottage kitchens often look best with shaker style cabinets. From there, you can add unique details like antique cup pulls or homey old-fashioned shelves. Beadboard panels are particularly well-suited to cottage kitchens because the evoke an old-timey feel.

seaside cottage white cabinets

Cottage kitchens are often small, so the focus is on functionality. Choose a cabinet that has lots of storage and lets your cottage kitchen take its place as the hub of your home.

Eclectic White Cabinets

Eclectic Colors

When you think of an eclectic kitchen, you probably think of bright, exuberant color palettes. So white cabinets may not be your first choice. However, in order to keep your kitchen from being overwhelming and clashing, you need a calm foundation upon which you can add exciting bright pops of color.

bright kitchen with white cabinets

White cabinets are the perfect foundation for eclectic kitchens. Just make sure to pick a pure white rather than a cream or off-white.

Eclectic Cabinet Styles

The cool thing about eclectic kitchens is that anything goes! You can choose shaker style cabinets, raised-panel cabinets, flat-panel cabinets, etc. Eclectic kitchens are all about mixing and matching to create a seamless and intentional look. So mix modern with antique, white with bold colors.


Eclectic kitchens are all about having fun and expressing yourself!

Modern White Cabinets

Modern Colors

Modern kitchens and classic kitchens use similar color tones—neutral and muted. But with modern kitchens, you can even go monochromatic to made a bold, fresh statement. And don’t forget to mix in lots of metallic with your minimalist structure.


Like eclectic kitchens, make sure to use a stark, pure white rather than an off-white.

Modern Cabinet Styles

A modern kitchen style can be achieved with lots of different cabinet finishes: paint, glossy lacquer, melamine, or veneer. Just make sure the handles and hinges are clean, modern, and metallic.


Need Some New Cabinets?

No matter what kitchen style you have or want, there’s a cabinet out there for you. Peruse our collection or stop by to see us at our store and see how we can help transform your kitchen!

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