Choosing The Right Countertop for Your Lifestyle

Comment by The AQK Team on May 5, 2016

Choosing The Right Countertop for Your Lifestyle

Choosing a new stone countertop for your kitchen is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider—durability, maintenance, cost, and, of course, appearance. There are lots of differences between the different materials available, and it’s important to think about your family’s lifestyle when choosing a type of stone. What works for your neighbor or your friend may not work for you. But no matter your kitchen lifestyle, there is a perfect countertop that will work with your needs and look beautiful to boot.



If you have, or are planning on having, kids and want a kitchen that can stand up to the wear and tear children bring along, then quartz and granite are great options for you.



Quartz is one of the most durable materials you can find. It is great for families with lots of kids because it can stand up to lots of use without stretching or denting. And because it’s an engineered stone (made of quartz crystals and a small amount of resin and pigment), it is smooth and non-porous. This means it won’t absorb stains and bacteria that could be harmful to little ones. It’s also very easy to maintain and doesn’t require sealing, so it’s great for busy moms and dads.



Granite combines durability and beauty. Because it is a completely natural stone (removed from the earth, cut, polished, and installed in your home) it does require sealing. If improperly sealed or not sealed often enough, granite can absorb stains and bacteria more easily. But it is a very durable, scratch-proof and heat resistant material that will last your family a lifetime. Though granite requires more maintenance than quartz, it is a more aesthetically-popular option with a very high resale value.



If you consider yourself an amateur Emeril Lagasse or Betty Crocker, the consider quartz or marble for a countertop on which to create your culinary magic.


Quartz For Cooking

A lot of the same reasons that make quartz a great countertop for families make it great for cooking. One of the biggest pros for quartz is that it is naturally bacteria resistant. So you don’t have to fret about preparing your raw meats on the same surface as your other food. Just wipe quartz down with some soap and water, and you’re good to go! Just remember that quartz isn’t heat resistant like granite is, so remember to use a potholder.


Marble For Baking

Marble is one of the most naturally gorgeous materials you can install in your home. For centuries, it has been considered a valuable, beautiful stone for homes and art alike. But despite this, it also makes a good surface for baking and less-intense cooking. Marble is definitely softer that granite and quartz so it may scratch more easily, but it is heat-proof and stays cool, making it great for rolling out doughs and pastries. Though it requires more maintenance that quartz, it will make a way better background for your instagram of your newest baking creation.



If you prefer to watch the Food Network rather than creating your own culinary creations, then marble is a great option for you.



Marble is beautiful and classic. There are so many unique colors and will take on a gorgeous patina over time. Usually recommended for bathrooms instead of kitchens, marble scratches easily and requires ongoing maintenance. But if you only use your kitchen as a place to eat your carry-out Pad Thai or pizza, then marble is a beautiful choice that adds a high-resale value to your home.



The great thing about adding stone countertops is that no mater what you choose, it will add great value to your house. So if you think you’re going to sell your house in a few years and want to find ways to make it more appealing to homebuyers, than any stone countertop will help you out. Though a lot of potential buyers will ask for granite from their realtor, marble and quartz are also highly valued. So really, you can’t go wrong!


Whatever your lifestyle, there is the perfect stone counter for you. So make sure to stop in to Affordable Quality Kitchens and Stone to see what beautiful options and colors we have to choose from!


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