The Lowdown on Colored Cabinets |  Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow!

Comment by The AQK Team on January 3, 2017

The Lowdown on Colored Cabinets | Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow!


White cabinets are pretty popular. In fact, 67% of people prefer or want them in their kitchen. But what if you’re part of the 33% who don’t want white kitchen cabinets? Do you go with unpainted wood? Or get a little daring and get colored cabinets? It’s a big decision, and a bold one! So here’s what you need to know and some suggestions on what colors will really make your kitchen POP!


Color Your World With Colored Cabinets

You have 2 options when deciding to go with a colorful kitchen: you can go big and bold, or sweet and subtle. What you choose depends on your personality, your taste, and your existing home design.


If you’re more of the sweet and subtle type, go with a light or pastel shade and balance it with the rest of your kitchen. Keep a neutral countertop and accessories. You could also opt to only paint the lower cabinets! That way the color isn’t overwhelming but definitely still present.


If you’re the bold and bright type, then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. You like making a statement so go ahead and get colorful! Just make sure to pick a hue that you love. Don’t pay attention to “hot hues” or popular, trendy colors. Pick something you love, because after all, you’re the one who will see it most!


Plush Purples

Purples can be tricky, but if you get it right i can really pay off. Though we said to ignore trends, purple has been popular for a while and is sure to stay fashionable, if that’s something you care about. There’s so many different shades, from lilac to plum to aubergine, so pick one that you really love.


If you want a purple tone but aren’t sure if you can make the leap to full-on colored cabinets, then you might want to look into purple-toned woods. Royal purpleheart is one type of wood that, like its name suggests, has reddish-purple undertones. It’s dense and hardy so it makes a durable cabinet. Just put a coat of gloss over the wood to really bring out the colorful tones!


Yes to Yellow!

Let’s face it, yellow can be a scary color. But it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to go with bright, primary color yellow to make a warm statement in your kitchen.

yellow cabinet colored cabinets

With shades from bright lemon to pale buttermilk, there’s lots of options. If you go with a glossy chartreuse you can make a more retro statement. A warm buttery yellow will give your kitchen a sunny disposition. Cottage style kitchens look especially quaint with distressed, pale yellow cabinets. And if you want to make a statement, sunshine-yellow is one way to do it!


Oh-My-Gosh Orange

Like yellow, orange and red can be daunting. But if you (and your house) have the personality to pull it off, then go for it! A bold, bright orange or red can bring energy to any space, while a warm, burnt sienna is a opulent way to make a statement.

red cabinet colored cabinets

Bonny Blues

We saved the best for last. Blue is probably the most versatile color out there for decorating homes. There’s robin’s egg, teal, turquoise, navy, mint, cerulean, cobalt….the list goes on and on!

blue cabinet colored cabinets

We don’t want to exaggerate, but we think blue colored cabinets could go with literally any kitchen scheme. You just have to pick the right shade for you! Whether you have robin’s egg country-style cabinets or sleek modern navy ones, you can find the right cabinet for your kitchen. And blue cabinets go with lots of different countertop colors, so you can probably find a shade to go with your existing design.


Will You Make the Leap?

Are you ready to go technicolor? It’s a big decision but it can have a big payoff. If you still aren’t sure or need some advice, feel free to chat with our kitchen design specialists! And don’t forget to check out our state of the art Kitchen 3D Design Visualizer to help you picture your brand new colored kitchen!


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