How To Create A Minimalist Style Kitchen | Declutter and Purge

Comment by The AQK Team on February 27, 2017

How To Create A Minimalist Style Kitchen | Declutter and Purge

  Minimalism is everywhere. Fashion, philosophy, and now–kitchen design. Minimalism is basically the belief that material items don’t make you happy, and that by having less things you can have a more purposeful life. Sounds pretty good, right? So it makes sense that this belief has entered kitchen design–especially with the increasing popularity of tiny houses and small kitchens.

Having a minimalist kitchen can seem daunting. You probably have pans, pots, and utensils up the wazoo. And what about all your beloved kitchen gadgets?!

Well, we wanted to give you some tips to start moving toward having a minimalist kitchen. You don’t have to burn your house down and start from scratch a la Fight Club. All you have to do is read this article and start thinking about owning less and doing more.

How To Start Having a Minimalist Kitchen

Purge Your Kitchen – The Donate/Throw Away/Unsure Approach

This is the first step toward a minimalist kitchen. Get three boxes. Label one “donate”, one “throw away” and one “unsure”. Then start going through LITERALLY everything in your kitchen. Take your time with this. Really think about what you use and what you need. Are an apple-corer, a pasta maker, and a bread machine all really necessary? Probably not.

Donate what is still in good shape and toss what’s not. Anything that you hesitate on, put in the “unsure” bin. If you don’t use it in the next month, get rid of it.



Having a minimalist kitchen isn’t just about functionality. It’s about aesthetics, too. Keep your kitchen style clean with light neutrals like white, grey and cream. Whatever color palette you choose, use it throughout the space. Too many colors are counterproductive for a minimalist kitchen. Consider a material like Silestone for your countertop to have a beautiful, seamless look.

Get Clever

Getting clever with your kitchen design is key to having a minimalist kitchen. You can keep big, bulky products like your microwave and Nespresso machine if you integrate them into your kitchen so they’re only visible when you’re actually using them. Keep everything clear and clutter-free by integrating your few possessions into your kitchen design. This might take some ingenuity, but at Affordable Quality Kitchens we have design experts who can find the perfect solution for you!

What You Don’t Need In A Minimalist Kitchen

1. A Microwave

I can hear your gasp of shock from here. I know, I know. Whatever will you do without a microwave??


Trust me when I say that you’ll be better off. What do you really need a microwave for? Microwaved pizza is terrible, and real stove-top popcorn is WAY better. Honestly, there’s nothing a microwave can do that a real oven or toaster oven can’t do better.

But here’s the thing about minimalism. If you really love your microwave and use it all the time and can’t imagine life without it, then by all means, keep it. Minimalism is all about being conscious in your choices and your possessions.


2. All Those Dang Knives

How many people live in your house? How many knives do you own? I bet the second number is bigger–a lot bigger–than the first one. Honestly, having a million knives and forks and spoons that you could never hope to use at once is unnecessary. Instead, buy just enough utensils and knives that you can use. But make them nice ones. Minimalism is all about investing in what you need and use, and eschewing what you don’t.


3. A Thousand Cups and Plates and Bowls and Dishes etc.

What is the biggest dinner party you’ve ever had? Take that number and only keep that many sets of dinnerware. You don’t need 30 wine glasses or 15 mugs. Keep what you use and love. Don’t hold out for the day that you host 30 of your closest friends, because that day will never come.


Thinking of Going Minimalist?

Ready to take the plunge and go minimal? Affordable Quality Kitchens can help you find the perfect design for your kitchen. We can help create a minimalist, clean aesthetic with all the storage and organization you need. Call us today to talk to a design specialist!

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