How to design a farmhouse style kitchen

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How to design a farmhouse style kitchen

   We have all sorts of clients come into our store with so many different and unique ideas for their kitchen design. We want to be able to help everyone, so we stock nearly every different style or decor type possible so that we have exactly what they need.


But sometimes, people don’t know exactly what they want! So we try to educate them on the different popular styles of kitchen design. And one style that has only gotten more popular through the years and isn’t going away anytime soon is the farmhouse kitchen.


What is a Farmhouse Kitchen?


A farmhouse kitchen is based on, of course, a kitchen in an old fashioned farmhouse–big, open, and inviting. It’s somewhere that the family all gathers, with enough room for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. It’s unpretentious, yet beautiful. It’s built around family meals and meetings.


Beyond that, farmhouse kitchens can look lots of different ways. They can be more rustic, or very modern. But as long as it’s open and family-oriented, it can be a farmhouse kitchen.


Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen


Cabinets are a huge focal point of any kitchen design, so we like to start with them first. Like we said earlier, farmhouse kitchen design isn’t a strict aesthetic. Lot’s of different types of cabinets can be considered farmhouse.

designing a farmhouse kitchen

That being said, cabinets that are found most often in farmhouse style kitchens are simple, shaker-style cabinets that are white or painted.


If you’re more interested in a rustic style farmhouse, you could always use a natural wood with a distressed finish.


Talk to one of our design experts to see what type of cabinet will go best with your type of farmhouse!



Most farmhouse style kitchens are based around neutrals and natural colors like white, browns, and buttery beiges. However, you could also go for a country-style farmhouse kitchen that would use lighter blues, yellows, or even green. Just make sure the colors aren’t too bright or trendy; farmhouse kitchens are timeless!


How to design a farmhouse style kitchen


This is the really important part about farmhouse kitchens. You have to get the layout right.


Farmhouse style designs center on big, open floor plans. Often, there’s a large island or table (or both!) where everyone can gather and eat, drink, and talk about their days.


With farmhouse kitchen flooring, you have 2 main options: wood or tile.


Rustic, natural looking wood will be the most suited to this type of design. It’s beautiful, unique, and durable enough for a family-centered room. Nowadays there’s even wood-look tile that can mimic rustic, natural wood very effectively, and isn’t as sensitive to water damage.


You can also use ceramic tiles. Tiles are a great choice for kitchens because they’re durable and waterproof, but they aren’t very forgiving if you drop something! Choose a more natural looking tile or go with an updated look on the classic black and white tile!


This is where everything comes together for a farmhouse kitchen. The little details make the big picture really beautiful.

farmhouse kitchen in MA

Farmhouse style sinks which are big and deep and usually made out of stainless steel are a huge way to add authenticity and functionality.


Open cabinets, floating shelves, and beadboard accents also add to the country vibe.


Whenever possible, choose rustic and natural materials like stone and wood to bring it all together!


Ready for a farmhouse kitchen redesign?

Ready to get the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams? Starting is easy; all you have to do is give us a call!

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