How To Keep A White Kitchen From Feeling Clinical

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How To Keep A White Kitchen From Feeling Clinical



Tips for homeowners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island


White kitchens continue to be incredibly popular in American households, including in New England. Right around half of all American families choose white cabinets, and many also opt for white walls, white tiles, and a white countertop.


This all-white scheme is so popular because it’s bright, clean, modern and fresh. But understandably, some are wary that choosing all white everything can be reminiscent of a doctor’s office or a hospital. Your kitchen should be warm, welcoming, and beautiful! Not clinical and cold. So how do you keep a white kitchen from feeling like that? Here are some easy tips.


Keep Your White Kitchen Cozy, Not Clinical


1. Go bold with color


keep white kitchen from feeling clinical

When you’re choosing an accent color or colorful accessory for your white kitchen, don’t be afraid to go bold. If you want, you don’t have to stick with pastels or light neutrals. Choose a bright cobalt blue or a brilliant burnt sienna to keep things interesting.


Use these colors for a statement appliance, your tile backsplash, or even your island countertop.



2. Get natural


Another way to break up the white? Embrace natural wood. Maybe opt for a rich toned butcher block or solid wood chairs. The natural wood tones will add a homey, rustic feel without distracting from the overall look of the kitchen.

accent kitchen with natural wood

And of course, you can put your green thumb to work and bring lots of plants to the kitchen. This will definitely liven up the place!



3. Metal Mania

use metal and copper to accent kithcen

To keep your white kitchen from feeling clinical, you can become a metal head! No, we’re not talking about playing Metallica in your kitchen on repeat. We’re talking about using a metal–rose gold, gold, brass, or the current superstar, copper–as an accent to warm up your kitchen’s vibe.

We suggest staying away from silver, as that could actually give your kitchen more of a hospital feel.


But use metal accents wisely, and it will really make a difference. You can inject a little modern sass into your kitchen with metal lighting features, seating, a range, or even a cool backsplash!

And of course, don’t forget your hardware!


4. Bring some texture into your life


And finally, don’t underestimate the power of texture. When you have a mostly white kitchen, a little texture can go a long way. Consider some textured tiling in your backsplash, or maybe a unique dish set. Find some unique pieces that are a statement and let those shine!


Need help?

Need help bringing your kitchen from hospital to homey? No worries, that’s what we’re here for! Give us a call today!

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