Should You Get Kitchen Shelves or Cabinets? | AQK

Comment by The AQK Team on June 23, 2017

Should You Get Kitchen Shelves or Cabinets? | AQK

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest planning your kitchen remodel or just collecting design ideas, then you’ve probably noticed a burgeoning trend in kitchen storage: open shelving.


Instead of kitchen cabinets, some people opt for shelving. That means there’s no cabinet doors or divisions; just straight, open shelves that allow for a lot of options with storage. Another way to embrace shelving without giving everyone a complete look into your kitchen’s organization is by replacing only your upper cabinets with open shelving. And of course, most people just choose to stick with the classic: kitchen cabinets all throughout.


So which one is right for you? Should you get kitchen shelves, kitchen cabinets, or mix it up and get a little bit of both? Affordable Quality Kitchens of Taunton, MA is here to help you decide.


Kitchen Shelves


Kitchen shelves are functional and easy. They’re casual and straightforward, and are definitely very trendy right now.

get kitchen shelves or kitchen cabinets

Pros of Kitchen Shelves

  • They’re easy! No more searching through cabinets to find the dish you wanted, and no more reminding your little kiddos to close the cabinet doors! You see what you need, you grab what you need. Easy.
  • They make your space look bigger. When there’s something interesting to look at, i.e. your dishes, it draws your eye upward to the ceiling. That makes your kitchen look taller, and thus bigger.
  • They make your space look more open. Less closed door, more open space.
  • You can display your collections with pride. Do you have a killer cookbook collection? Or some gorgeous heirloom dishes? They’ll be the center of attention.

Cons of Kitchen Shelves

using kitchen shelves in your new england home

  • There’s a lot going on with open shelves. Everyone can see everything you’ve got going on. Mismatched dishes, disorganized pots and pans, everything! With cabinets you can just shut the door and immediately your space is clean and tidy. It’s not so simple with shelves.
  • You’ll have to break out the swiffer. Open shelves attract dust, and that dust will be on both the shelves and your dishes! Gross.
  • If you have young kids, lower open shelving could cause a problem. As you probably know from living with a toddler or young kid, anything could happen. They could get hurt or break something, and no one wants that.

A Mix of Shelves and Cabinets

kitchen shelves and cabinets

A pretty common compromise we see a lot is installing a mix of shelves and cabinets. People usually opt for upper open shelving and cabinets on the lower and middle levels. This way, you get the best of both worlds; you can make your kitchen look bigger and more open with the upper open shelving, and you can keep the clutter hidden and the dusting to a minimum with the cabinets.


All set?

Ready to make your decision? Or do you just want to see some options? No problem, just give us a call or stop in anytime and we’ll get started!

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