How To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Last for Years

Comment by The AQK Team on April 24, 2017

How To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Last for Years

Family bathrooms are almost as important as family kitchens. Everyone uses them, from your youngest kiddies to your oldest guests. Mom dyes her hair in it, dad shaves in it, and it’s where bath time for the little ones happens.


It’s a high traffic area, and it needs to be able to handle whatever you throw at it. So when redesigning your family bathroom, you need to plan for functionality and beauty for the long run. That can be a tall order, but, with our help, it’s doable!

Future-proofing your new bathroom remodel means that it has to look good and work smoothly for years and years. No matter who needs it and what they need it for, your family bathroom needs to rise to the occasion. Here’s our tips on how folks in Massachusetts can make smart remodel choices to help that happen.

How to future-proof your family bathroom

timeless bathroom design

Go big!

The bigger, the better, right? When it comes to future-proofing your bathroom, that saying certainly holds true. Think about it: family bathrooms get used by everyone in the house on a daily basis! How many other rooms can say that? So why are they usually the smallest room in the house? It’s not fair! So we’re here to stand up for the little guy (literally) and convince you to go big.

Making your family bathroom bigger isn’t always an easy task. You might need to knock down or shift a wall. But it’ll make such a big difference that we think it’s worth it.

Get a professional opinion

It’s not easy to plan a future-proof bathroom remodel on your own. This is probably your first time trying to do something like this, and when has anyone really nailed anything on the first try? The stakes are big here, so we suggest getting some professional input.

For less than 5% of your budget, a professional designer will save you a lot of stress, time, and—in the long run—money.

Just need a little advice? We have design consultants on staff for you!

Think about the user

Thinking about the user is something you hear a lot in technology and website design, but it is completely applicable to this situation too!

Think about who’s going to be using the bathroom. Your young kids, your teenage daughter, your elderly parents? Next, think about who will be using the bathroom in 10 years time. What will they need?  Take a few days or weeks to really think about the people who will be using your bathroom and what they’ll need for years to come. That way you can plan for it now and don’t have to do another remodel sooner than planned.


Consider a wet room

Maybe your first question is: what the heck is a wet room?

That’s a fair question. Only recently have wet rooms become more popular in home bathroom design. A wet room is a completely water-proof area of your bathroom for your shower and bath. The floors are leveled for drainage. It’s luxurious but also functionally because more that one person can use the space at once. And of course, it’s great for mobility-impaired folks.


It can be expensive, but recently wet room design has become much more affordable. And if it’s worth it for your family and functionality, it may be a good idea to invest!


Go for timeless design


Honestly, we think this is the hardest part of future-proofing a family bathroom. You want something that will look beautiful for years to come, not outdated. So what do you do?

Go timeless. Take a cue from high-end spas and go for a Zen-like atmosphere. We usually suggest cool tones like blues and greens with natural materials like wood-look tile or marble. Go for a simple but calming vibe, and you should be alright.

Ready to remodel?

Ready to remodel your family bathroom for the last time for a while? Then let’s get started! Give us a call and we’ll set up a design consultation ASAP!


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