Caring For Your Marble Countertop | Empty Nester’s Kitchen Remodel

Comment by The AQK Team on May 2, 2017

Caring For Your Marble Countertop | Empty Nester’s Kitchen Remodel

So your kids have finally left for school or for the real world and you’re finally remodeling for a home without children. No more arts and craft projects or science experiments to scuff up your countertop or ruin your kitchen. So thanks to all this, you’re considering getting marble countertops. You know they are soft and delicate (for a countertop stone) but their aesthetic appeal is calling out to you. Well, now that you know your kitchen won’t be filled with kiddies all the time, you can finally upgrade to the beautiful marble countertop you’ve always wanted. Once you get them, here’s how to keep them looking beautiful for the decades to come.

What Are Marble Countertops Like?

Marble is gorgeous. It’s undeniable. But it’s also soft. And porous. And prone to scratches, stains, and markings. Any type of acid will eat away at your marble countertops, making it look dull (which is known as etching). It’s basically impossible to prevent all damage to your marble countertops, but now that you’re an empty-nester, you probably have a better chance of keeping them looking newer, longer.

How To Protect A Marble Countertop

  • DO use gentle cleaners: Marble is VERY porous which means it soaks up whatever is on it–be it cleaner or germs!. It’s important that you use a cleaner gentle enough not to damage your marble countertop but powerful enough to disinfect. Try out this recipe here.
  • DO wipe up acidic substances right away: When you’re cooking or eating and you spill or splash anything acidic, make sure to wipe it up right away. Things like lemon juice, milk, tomato sauce, and alcohol could dull your marble.
  • DO seal your marble countertop monthly: You can use an at-home spray sealant and re-seal your countertops once a month or so. This will lay down an extra level of defense against stains and some etching for your marble.
  • DO use coasters and cutting boards: Whenever you’re cutting, dicing or chopping, make sure to use a cutting boar.d And don’t forget coasters! Wine or juice cal also harm marble.

Avoid Doing This With Marble

  • DON’T use acidic cleaners: Remember what we said earlier about any type of acid causing etching? This means you don’t want to use acidic cleaners like vinegar and lemon juice.
  • DON’T use an abrasive sponge or cloth: You get it by now; marble is soft. That means no steel wool or tough sponges. Only use soft cloths and gentle sponges when you wipe up spills or deep clean.
  • DON’T use your marble countertop as a catch-all: Marble dings and scratches easily, so don’t use your countertop as a place to throw down whatever you’re holding. Sharp or heavy objects can scratch your countertop, so be mindful of what you place down on it. You can always use a soft-bottomed tray to hold sharper things

Now Is The Best Time To Get Marble

So clearly the moral of the story is that marble is delicate. But now that it’s just you and your significant other at home, you have a better chance at keeping it nicer, longer. So try as hard as you can, but know that your marble countertop is never going to stay perfect. But that doesn’t make them any less beautiful! And if you have any questions about the care and upkeep of your marble, or are ready to put marble in your kitchen, give us a call any time.


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