Mythbusters: Quartz Countertop Edition | Setting the Record Straight

Comment by The AQK Team on December 23, 2016

Mythbusters: Quartz Countertop Edition | Setting the Record Straight

You know what granite and marble are. They’re stone. They come from the earth. They make good countertops. But what about a quartz countertop? It’s not exactly a natural stone, and you may not be sure where it comes from. And maybe you’re wondering if it would make a good countertop in your kitchen.

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Well, wonder no more. We’re here to bust some myths and set the record straight on Quartz countertops.

Myth or Maxim?

A Quartz Countertop Is Man-Made

Remember what we said earlier about quartz not exactly being a natural stone? That’s because it’s a man-made material. This is a maxim, not a myth.          


The earth naturally produces stones used for countertops like marble or granite. On the hand quartz is a blend of natural quartz, found in the earth’s crust, and some man-made materials like resin and pigment.


A quartz countertop is about 95% quartz and the rest in a binding resin and a pigment to color the stone. Being engineered rather than natural, quartz countertops are much more predictably colored (unlike natural stone) but still very strong because of its quartz base.

Quartz Is The Most Plentiful And Hardest Mineral On Earth

These are both close to maxims, but ultimately are myths.


Marble and granite are will eventually run out. There’s only certain places on earth that they’re found and there’s a finite amount of these stones available. However, quartz is the second most plentiful mineral on Earth, so we won’t come close to running out anytime soon. This means it’s considered a sustainable choice for your countertop.


And while quartz is very hard, diamond is the hardest mineral.

Quartz Doesn’t Need To Be Sealed

This is true! And it’s a big reason quartz is such a popular option for kitchen countertops.


Quartz is a non-porous material. This means gross things like dirt, germs, and bacteria can’t soak into it. They’re easy to clean and disinfect, and are highly stain resistant. Sure, if you draw on your quartz countertop with a Sharpie we can’t make any promises, but for daily wear and tear, you should be covered.


Quartz Is Heat Resistant

While we don’t recommend you making a habit of trying to set your a quartz countertops on fire, quartz is pretty heat resistant. If you need to place a hot pan down on your quartz for a moment, you should be fine.


If the temperature applied to the countertop is too hot for too long, you can discolor the resin that binds that quartz together. However, this would require extreme temperatures—so for your average family kitchen, you should be all set.

Quartz Is A Great Material For Outdoors And Direct Sunlight

This is a big ol’ myth. If you install quartz countertop outside where it is in direct sunlight for half of the day, every day, you’ll notice some damage and fading in your stone. While it’s fine for a quartz countertop to be installed in a sunny kitchen, direct and uninterrupted sunlight outdoors can damage the quartz.

Quartz Can Look Like Granite And Marble

This is true! Because quartz is a man-made material, the pigment and appearance of the finished product can mimic natural stones like marble and granite. And while these natural stones have lots of variation within each slab, quartz is much more uniform—so when you order your countertop in the store, what you see is what ends up on your kitchen counter.


And quartz is five times harder than granite and doesn’t need to be sealed like natural stones. So you get all the beauty and none of the hassel!


Now That We’ve Busted Some Myths…

So now we’ve set the record straight and you know a little bit more about quartz. Quartz is a great, durable, and beautiful option for your kitchen countertops. If you have any questions or want to see our gorgeous selection of quartz, call or stop by today!

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