Should You Paint or Stain Your Cabinets?

Comment by The AQK Team on June 12, 2017

Should You Paint or Stain Your Cabinets?


At Affordable Quality Kitchens of Stoughton, MA, we are proud to offer our clients a nearly endless array of options for their cabinets. We have custom, semi-custom or stock in most every wood, style, and color you could want.

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Our customers have no end of options when making their choice. But one of the last choices you have to make when you pick your cabinet is whether you should paint or stain your cabinets.


Choosing whether to paint or stain your cabinets is a big decision. If you take two sets of the same cabinets style, made with the same wood and the same color, but one is painted while the other is stained, then you will have two drastically different sets of cabinets.


We can’t tell you if it’s better to paint or stain your cabinets because there isn’t one objective answer. It depends on your taste, your needs, and your family. But we want to help make the choice a little easier, so we wanted to lay out the differences between the two techniques.

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Should you paint or stain your cabinets?

What’s the difference?

The first question we often get asked is what’s the difference between stained and painted cabinets? How can I tell them apart?


The answer is easy and it has to do with the grain of the wood. When you paint a cabinet, the paint usually fills in all the grain of the wood, making it invisible. A stained cabinet lets the grain shine through.


Painted cabinets

If you choose painted cabinets, then you’ll probably end up choosing a material that holds paint well, like poplar, veneered plywood, or medium density fiberboard (MDF).

paint or stain kitchen cabinets

A painted cabinet will usually be completely smooth. You won’t see any grain, dents, or gaps.


Something to keep in mind? Like any other thing that’s painted, your painted cabinets will probably change color over time, especially if they’re in the sun. And painted cabinets can be difficult to touch up, so keep that in mind.

difference between painting and staining cabinets

We don’t think that painted cabinets are prettier than stained ones, or vice versa. Whether you prefer to paint or stain your cabinets based on appearance is completely up to you. Both styles are beautiful in their own way!


Moral of the story? If you prefer a clean, crisp kitchen design, then painting is the way to go. Painted cabinets are uniform, sleek and flawless. So if you prefer a modern, crisp, or contemporary design, then you might want to stick to painted cabinets. Or, if you want a pop of bright color in your kitchen, paint is the best way to go.


Stained cabinets

Unlike paint, stain seeps in your cabinet’s wood and blends with the natural color and grain. Rather than covering up the wood, stain lets it shine in all of its glory.  With a stain, you’ll be able to see all the grain, knots and character than make wood cabinets so beautiful!


Stain is easy to touch up because you don’t need to match the exact color, unlike paint. It’s also easier to blend if you get a slightly different stain color.


Another great thing about stained wood cabinets is that they often cost less. This isn’t always true, but it usually is.


Paint or Stain? It’s up to you

Whether you want to paint or stain your new kitchen cabinets is completely up to you. Both are great options that make beautiful cabinets. It just depends which choice is right for your kitchen.


So, ready to paint or stain? Give us a call

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