5 Tips to Prevent Mold Buildup in Your Bathroom

Comment by The AQK Team on April 18, 2017

5 Tips to Prevent Mold Buildup in Your Bathroom

 Mold is gross. Pretty much everyone agrees. The only good forms of mold are Blue Cheese and Penicillin. But the mold in your bathroom? Not good. It’s unsightly and even hazardous to your health. Mold can give you and your family infections and significantly lower the air quality in your home, making allergies and asthma worse.

Want more bad news? The conditions of your bathroom are exactly what mold wants to grow. It’s damp and it’s warm. Great for you when you want a shower, but also great for mold.

So how do you keep mold out of your shower and away from your family? Read on!

Prevent Mold Growth In Your Bathroom

fight mold in bathroom

#1 Keep It Breezy

One of the best ways to prevent mold buildup is to have a well-ventilated bathroom. If you’re home alone, keep the door open while you shower or bathe. If that’s not an option, use the fan. Turn it on before your shower and keep it on for another half hour after you’re done. If you can, open a window in the bathroom. All these things will help you get the moisture that mold needs out of your bathroom!


#2 Keep It Clean

Wiping down the surfaces in your bathroom after a shower is one of the most effective ways to prevent mold. Squeegee the walls, and wipe down the ledges in your shower. Make sure you don’t have a cluttered shower rack either; all those extra shampoos, loofahs, and rubber duckies are great little homes for mold.


The fewer things in your shower and the more you wipe it down, the less chance mold will have to take hold.


#3 Keep It New

An easy way to prevent mold buildup is to remember to replace your shower curtain liner frequently. If you buy the plastic ones, replace them once a month or so (depending on how much dampness your bathroom experiences, replace them more or less). If you have the reuseable kind, wash them with hot water and bleach monthly.


Your shower curtains stay wet longer than other areas of your bathroom–especially the bottoms. So keeping them clean and new will significantly help the mold buildup in your shower!

how to keep mold from growing in bathroom

#4 Keep It Easy

A super easy way to avoid mold buildup is to buy mold-resistant products! There’s everything from mold-resistant shower curtains to mold-resistant paint on the market. Make your life a little easier and use these products in your bathroom.

#5 Keep It Sealed


Mold really likes to grow in grout lines, so keeping your grout sealed is a really effective way to banish mold. Seal your tile’s grout yearly to make sure they stay waterproof. No water means no mold buildup!

Maybe it’s not the mold buildup that’s got you down about your bathroom

As one of the leading bathroom remodeling contractors in the Greater Taunton area, we often come across clients who believe they want to remove their mold problem, only to discover they’re overall unhappy with the look and feel of their bathroom.


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