How Long Is Your Remodeling Contractor Responsible For Their Work?

Comment by The AQK Team on April 12, 2017

How Long Is Your Remodeling Contractor Responsible For Their Work?

 If you’re working with a contractor, you probably are remodeling your house. This means you’re stressed, strapped for cash, and constantly trying to keep track of every little thing that happens in your house – and failing miserably.


At the end of the project, you’re ecstatic it’s over. You never want another builder in your house, and you just want to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom or home.


But a year later when your sink leaks, or your ceiling cracks, what do you do? What about when it happens 5 years later? Who is responsible? How long is your contractor on the hook?


The Warranty

To answer this question, the first thing you have to look at is your warranty.


Do you even have a warranty? It would be in the contract that you signed with your contractor. It’s not required, so you may not even have one.


If you do have a warranty, it could be for any length of time. It was open to negotiation when you made the agreement because there’s no real set length of time that all contractors use.


Your warranty should clearly explain everything your builder is liable for, and how long they are on the hook. This protects you from shoddy work and the contractor from being on the hook indefinitely.


One Year


Most builders have a one-year warranty in their contract. You have one year from the date of completion to call your builder and have them repair their work.


Of course, you don’t have to accept this one year. Before you sign the contract, you can try to negotiate a wider term. You’ll probably get it, too!

contractor responsible for work after project

The Law

Though warranty laws change state by state, there is also federal law that includes something called an implied warranty– a warranty that doesn’t have to be spelled out in a contract, but is known to exist by both parties.


An implied warranty covers good workmanship and habitability. Your builder should complete their job well and give you a home fit to live in.


When you agree to a warranty in a contract, your right to an implied warranty is taken away.


If they don’t, you have to give them the chance to fix it. Notify them of the problem. If they deny that they have to fix it but you feel like you have a legal case, you can sue them under the right to repair law.


Contractor Customer Service

Maybe you didn’t negotiate your contract and signed with the one year warranty. That year has passed, and you’re starting to find some problems with the work your builder did. So, you’re out of luck, right?


Maybe not. There’s a good chance that if you choose a good, responsible builder, they will still try and help you out as much ass possible, even after the warranty passes. Contractors and builders want to have good relationships with their customers and create good reputations, so they’ll do a lot to make you happy.


It’s worth a call to see, right?


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