Storage Hacks: How To Get More Storage Out Of Your Small Kitchen Space

Comment by The AQK Team on November 15, 2016

Storage Hacks: How To Get More Storage Out Of Your Small Kitchen Space


If you live in a city apartment or simply have a small living space, then you probably know the struggle of having a small kitchen with minimal storage.


There’s never enough room for everything you need when cooking or eating, and it’s more tempting to simply use the space as a way to store and heat up takeout food, rather than actually preparing anything.


But optimizing your kitchen space doesn’t have to be impossible! Read on for some easy ways to make the most of your tiny kitchen space.


Make Your Own Storage


If you have limited shelf space, don’t let that hold you back. Be creative by re-purposing your kitchen space to make the storage you need.


Here’s some clever ideas:


  • Use your oven for storing pans and baking sheets (just remember to remove them when you use the oven!).
  • Install hooks on the wall, the side of your cabinet, or inside drawers and cabinets as well to hang things like pans and spatulas.
  • Take inspiration from America’s favorite TV chef, Julia Childs, and use a peg board to stay organized!


Smart Organization


If you feel like you’re always rummaging through drawers and cabinets and can never find what you need, you’re going to feel like your space is even smaller and more cramped than it is. So be smart when you organize!


Organize things by how and when you use them. Stuff you rarely use doesn’t even have to be stored in the kitchen! Have a place for it in the guest room closet or the garage.


Clean As You Go


If you’re preparing a meal, cleaning as you go is key! You don’t want to have to put down a hot pot or need to strain some noodles but can’t because there’s dishes in the sink or ingredients on the table. Wash dishes and clear countertops as you cook. A clean space will feel bigger right away.


Kitchen storage

When you leave the mess to the end, things can get overwhelming in a small space.


Maximize Natural Light


Natural light makes any space look bigger and breezier. Using mirrors and sheer curtains, let natural light and bright clean paint colors light up the space.


kitchen storage



Mirrors aren’t just for fitting rooms and funhouses. They are amazing for interior design because they double the size of small kitchen spaces and add visual interest! If you have limited wall space, then install a mirrored backsplash to trick the eye into thinking your small kitchen is bigger than it really is.

Style > Size


Having a kitchen in the style that you love, whether it be sleek and modern or homey and cozy, is way more important than having a big space. Make the most of the few storage items or appliances you have and give them lots of style and oomph.

kitchen storage

An antique farmhouse sink, pops of color, and unique pieces will distract you and your guests from how tiny your kitchen is. Quality over quantity!


Don’t Skimp On Storage


If you can redesign or update your small kitchen, then storage is the most important way to relieve the burden of a little space. Go ceiling to floor with cabinets, shelves, and drawers. The more cabinets the better, and you should choose ones with different sizes and shapes to better store everything you need.


If you need more storage, then check out our cabinet storage and call for a free consultation!

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