2016 Bathroom Trend: Subway Tiles Are BACK!

Comment by The AQK Team on October 25, 2016

2016 Bathroom Trend: Subway Tiles Are BACK!

For the past century, subway tiles have been used in interior design to create a classic, timeless look.

How can something that’s been around for longer than the internet be continually timeless and stylish, you ask?

Well, unlike typical square tiles, subway tiles are longer, rectangular shaped tiles, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They aren’t the typical square tile, so our eyes register them as different, fresh, and exciting. They’re one of those design choices that when we see it, we think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?!”

Though they’ve been around forever, subway tiles are back in a big way for bathrooms in 2016.

The Look of Bathroom Subway Tiles

If you’re new to this whole interior design thing, you might still be wondering what the heck subway tiles even are. And we’re here to help. They’re 3×6 rectangular tiles that can be grouted onto walls, floors, and even ceilings!

Subway Tile Bathroom and Kitchens Affordable Quality Kitchen & Stone MA

Depending on your room’s existing design and the vibe you’re going for, subway tiles can have either a fun retro look or a sleek, modern feel, depending on the color and the rest of your bathroom.

And best of all, the clean lines of subway tile will always look contemporary—no matter how long you have them in your home.

The Colors


Classic white subway tiles will always be a timeless edition to any bathroom. If you keep the rest of the bathroom white, like many homeowners are doing in 2017, then the look will be fresh, modern, bright and clean.

White Subway tiles for your kitchen or bathroom Affordable Kitchen & Stone MA

For a contemporary look, keep the grout bright white. For more of a homey, classic vibe, go with a slightly tinted grout (which is also easier to maintain).

Get Funky With A Fun Glaze

Just because subway tiles are typically white, doesn’t mean they have to be!

Some tile providers offer colored subway tiles, but if you already have then in your home or don’t have access to colored tiles, you can always finish them with a glaze.

Glazes come in lots of colors, and you can add texture with a crackle glaze, too.

Glazed Subway Tiles for Kitchen & Bathroom Affordable Kitchen & Stone MA

This is an easy enough project for a seasoned DIY-er, so start searching Pinterest now!

Keep It Classy With Marble

If you want a more upscale look, you can use marble subway tiles in place of ceramic or porcelain.

This will give the room an opulent, yet classy feel and isn’t as sterile as pure white.

Marble hasn’t gone out of style since ancient Rome, so it’s a good bet for your bathroom, we think.

The Nitty-Gritty: Maintenance and Durability of Your Bathroom Tiles

Subway tile comes with all the great features of your typical ceramic tile.

Tile is a great, durable option, especially for bathrooms. It’s pretty water resistant and much better looking than passé laminate options.

As long as you make sure to wipe down your tile once a week or so to prevent mildew growth, you will have a low-maintenance, durable option for your bathroom walls and floors that lasts for years.

Have questions about or want to know if subway tile would be right for your bathroom? Contact us today for a free consultation at 508-823-3630 or email us at john@aqkandb.com!

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