Kitchen Remodel | How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel | How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Almost half of people who’ve gone through a remodel describe it as frustrating. Whether you’re simply installing new cabinets or rehauling your entire kitchen, a remodel can be tough. You lose access to your space, your stuff, and your appliances. In some cases, you can be blocked off from your kitchen and even whole floors of your house.


Even though a kitchen remodel can be tough, it’s worth it. To update your home and have your design vision come to life is an amazing feeling. We put together a survival kit for you so you can experience less of the remodel-struggle and skip straight to the happy ending.


5 Keys To Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

1. Be There

This may seem like odd advice. First of all, it’s your home. Of course you’re going to be there! But you have to really be in the process and the execution (without getting in the way too much) if you truly want to see your vision come to life. Contractors can’t read minds, and sometimes plans change. So if you want everything to end up just the way you want, you have to be present and be available to your crew. Plan to check in for about an hour a day less for smaller projects, more for bigger ones) to make sure everything is going according to plan.


2. Plan Ahead

This is absolutely key to making sure you (and your home, relationships, stress-level, etc.) come out of a kitchen remodel relatively unscathed. You have a lot to consider when planning something like this. Should you do it during a school vacation? What about the time of year you want to start? How are you going to cook and eat? Where will everything that’s in your kitchen now go? When will your handmade italian tiles arrive? How long will it take for your fancy French stove to ship? Make sure that you have all these questions (and more!) answered before you even think about scheduling your remodel.


3. Find Shelter

In pretty much any survival guide finding  shelter is key. And this is no different. Now, if you’re only doing a small kitchen remodel it may not affect your living space too much. But if your kitchen remodel is part of a much larger total remodel on your house, then you might not be able to stay in your house while it’s under construction. Here is where you have a big decision to make. You could stay in a hotel or an Airbnb, but that could get expensive if it’s a long term stay. You could shack up with family if they live close and don’t drive you too crazy. But if the project gets delayed and you end up overstaying your welcome by a few weeks, things could get rough. If you’re low maintenance, buying a used RV with a kitchenette could be a great idea to get you through a few weeks of a remodel. Whatever you do, make sure it’s a comfortable scenario that won’t give you any extra stress. A remodel is stressful enough–you don’t need any extra worry from your living arrangements.


4. Find Food

Ok, maybe finding food isn’t the tough part. But knowing where to store, prepare and eat the food definitely is. If you’re not staying with family or in an RV with a kitchen, this could get tough. But we have solutions! If you have a garage or basement with a sink, meet your new kitchen. Set up a little table for food prep and appliances. Bring small appliances like a microwave or panini press so you can still cook. If it’s summer, then get handy with the grill! And of course, you can always offer a friend dinner if they’ll let you cook in their kitchen. Bring all the food and fixins’ and cook for your friend; that way you get good food and good company!


5. Keep Everything in Perspective

This is really the most important part of this survival guide. Without perspective, the whole experience is just going to fall apart. Are kitchen remodels fun? No, absolutely not. But are they worth it? Yes, without a doubt. So when everything seems to be going wrong and you can’t seem to remember why you started this dang project in the first place, log on to your pinterest or take another look at your dreamboard. Remember why you decided to do this; for a little time of pain and frustration, you get a gorgeous kitchen that will last you for decades. It will be just the way you wanted it. It makes your home unique and personal to you. Your kitchen may be a work in progress, but it’s still yours. So just appreciate the ride.


You Can Do It!

Look, we know this is tough. Nobody said doing a kitchen remodel would be easy or fun. But we promise that it’s worth it. And if you follow our survival guide, you should make it out alive.


And of course, with a good crew, this process is always easier. So if you want to a group of honest professionals who can bring your dream to life, give us a call today for a free consultation.

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