Choosing an Elegant Tile Backsplash for Empty Nester Remodel

Comment by The AQK Team on April 12, 2017

Choosing an Elegant Tile Backsplash for Empty Nester Remodel

Your kids are off to college or off into the real world, and now it’s just you and your spouse. So what’s the first thing you want to do? Redecorate of course!


No more rugrats running around with crayons and juice boxes. Now you get to have the mature, beautiful home you’ve always wanted. And when redesigning your kitchen, a small but crucial detail is the backsplash—a vertical extension of the countertop, usually behind the sink and stovetop.

A tile backsplash protects your wall from oil, water, and other cooking related projectiles. But if you do it right, a tile backsplash can add a fun focal point that is either a statement piece or brings together the colors in your floor, wall, cabinets, and countertop.

It’s an opportunity to be creative, so have fun with it! Here are a few things to consider when choosing a tile backsplash for your kitchen.

Budgeting for your backsplash

Considering your budget is unavoidable. But you don’t have to be restricted because of it! And remember, this could be how your house will look for the rest of your life. Make sure it’s something that makes you happy!

Go Classic

If you want to make sure your tile backsplash doesn’t go out of style anytime soon (so you don’t have to do this process all over again in 5 years) then go with a classic tile. White ceramic is versatile, and if you go with subway tiles, that can add flair but still be timeless. And subway tiles are definitely having a moment right now!

Make a Statement

If you still want to make a statement on a budget, opt for a design with hand-painted tiles, such as a border or a center inlay. That way you still get an interesting focal point but the backsplash is primarily white tiles, cutting down on cost.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the grout. Use a high-quality product, or you’re going to get more headaches than anything else.

Play With Pattern

Your backsplash doesn’t have to be a boring, simple grid.

Tile Shapes

Think about the shape and pattern of the tiles you choose, and how they will fit in your kitchen’s design scheme.

There are many more shapes of tiles out there beyond squares and rectangles.

Specialty shapes like arabesque tiles can be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. They can complement the design aesthetic of not only your kitchen, but your entire house!

Tile Patterns

How you pattern your tiles also matters! You can use square tiles to create a diamond pattern and play with grout size to make a creative backsplash.

Material Matters

There are lots of different materials of tiles that you can get: ceramic, granite, marble, even glass! Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials to give the backsplash an interesting, unique look.

The right material choice depends on personal taste and your house’s design. So get creative! Don’t feel like you’re restricted to ceramic.


If you use your kitchen a lot, your backsplash is something that takes a lot of wear and tear. If you’re a take-out devotee, that’s not something you need to worry about as much. You need to make sure you get a material that can withstand your lifestyle!

Different types of tile can be easier or more difficult to clean, and some need to be sealed, while some (like ceramic) don’t.

There’s no right or wrong here, just make sure that the material and maintenance works for your lifestyle!

Visualize Your New Kitchen with Our 3-D Visualizer

Can’t quite picture how your new kitchen is going to look with your countertop, cabinets, and tile backsplash? Use our state of the art 3-D Kitchen visualizer! Check it out here.

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