Getting White Cabinets After the Kids Move Out

Comment by The AQK Team on April 18, 2017

Getting White Cabinets After the Kids Move Out

White cabinets are a gorgeous, elegant choice that can go with every aesthetic. They’re by far the most popular choice for American homeowners.


But the thing about white kitchen cabinets is that they’re, well, white. And we all know that white anything and kids don’t mix. White pants, white walls, white carpets, and of course, white cabinets generally aren’t a good choice for homes with children.


But once your little chicks have flown the coop, you are finally free to decorate your kitchen like an adult!




But it’s important to remember that even though white cabinets are gorgeous and versatile, there are still different styles and finishes. To find the perfect white cabinet for your kitchen, keep reading!


Classic Colors

Classic kitchens are supposed to be appealing to all and will never go out of style, like Audrey Hepburn or pearl necklaces. Like Hepburn and pearls, traditional kitchens are beautiful in their subtle style. So shades like antique white or cream go best.

But just like red lipstick on Marilyn Monroe, a splash of color can enhance natural, traditional beauty! You can keep the cabinets white or cream, but use a classic color like a soft blue or even a classic black and white mix on the tile backsplash.

Classic Cabinet Styles

To keep your classic kitchen style going with your cabinets, choose a simple clean design with timeless designs like crown molding. Ditch raised panel doors or flat panel doors and opt for shaker style cabinets instead.


Cottage Colors

Cottages, whether they’re seaside cottages or country cottages, often have muted color palettes (for the most part). However, unlike classic kitchen color palettes, they don’t have to be neutral colors! You can go crazy here with blues, greens, pinks, and yellows as long as they aren’t too bright.


To balance these colors and keep the overall tone of the kitchen whimsical, use a cream white or a white with the same base color as your accent color (i.e. a blue-based white, a yellowish-white, etc.). Don’t use a stark, pure white cabinet because it will clash with the rest of the cottage theme.

Cottage Cabinet Styles

Cottage cabinet styles are fun. You should probably start with a shaker style cabinet, but from there you can get a little crazy. Add unique antique pulls or homey old-fashioned shelves. Beadboard panels also go really well with cottage style decor. You don’t have to worry about kids breaking your antique additions anymore, so go crazy!

Cottage kitchens are often small, so the focus is on functionality. Choose a cabinet that has lots of storage and lets your cottage kitchen take its place as the hub of your home.


Eclectic Colors

When you think of an eclectic kitchen, you probably think of bright, exuberant color palettes. So white cabinets may not be your first choice. However, in order to keep your kitchen from being overwhelming and clashing, you need a calm foundation upon which you can add exciting bright pops of color.

Unlike classic or cottage kitchens, you should always choose a bright, pure white for eclectic kitchens. Off-whites or cream colors would look old and dated.

Eclectic Cabinet Styles

Eclectic kitchens give you a lot of freedom with your cabinet style. You can choose shaker style cabinets, raised-panel cabinets, flat-panel cabinets, etc. Have fun, express yourself, and go crazy! Mix and match old with new, white with bright colors.  


Modern Colors

Modern kitchens are often simple and clean. Think minimalism and monochromatic designs. Metallics are big. Copper is very stylish, but even mixed metals are modern. Modern colors are fairly muted but always clean. Most modern kitchens would call for a pure white rather than a cream.


Though modern kitchens aren’t very kid friendly, they’re great for an empty nester. Now you can have all the high-end appliances and fancy coffee makers you want! Upgrade your kitchen to be modern and mature.

Modern Cabinet Styles

A modern kitchen style can be achieved with lots of different cabinet finishes: paint, glossy lacquer, melamine, or veneer. Just make sure the handles and hinges are clean, modern, and metallic!

Need Some New Cabinets?

No matter what kitchen style you have or want, there’s a cabinet out there for you. Peruse our collection or stop by to see us at our store and see how we can help transform your kitchen to the empty-nester room of your dreams!


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